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Dyer te Brendshme me Rreshqitje

Dyer te Brendshme, Kopenhagen 41 Sliding Door

White lacquer 9010 or 9016

Style-door model Kopenhagen 41 Sliding Door
1972-2040 x 610-985mm

Cmimi i afishuar nuk perfshin kasen (frame), klienti ofertohet bazuar ne trashesine e murit (wall thickness)

  • DIN standard: DIN 18101
  • Surface Type: White Paint
  • Surface: classic white RAL 9010
  • Door leaf thickness: 40 mm
  • Edge design: square, premium edge PK2, round
  • Fold size: 25.5 x 13 mm
  • Structure: tubular chipboard
  • Cover plate: HDF (4.0 mm)
  • Standard version band: 2 pieces V0026 WF nickel-plated
  • Standard lock case design: Warded lock: 55 mm bolt class 1, silver-colored forend
  • Special features: elaborately painted millings, surface using the spraying process
  • Scope of delivery: Door leaf, deadlock, 2x three-piece hinges
EdgeDoor-leaf edges squared or rounded
CoreRSP (tubular chip board) / HDF cover plate
Hinges2x hinges V0026 WF nickel-plated
LockBB 55 mm backset, class 1, face plate silver-coloured
Lacquer systemS4 = 4-layer spray lacquering
SURCHARGESLacquering Mixture or as per RAL/NCS standard colour chart* * Signal and structure lacquers not possible +86,80, Door-leaf height 2041mm to 2110mm 1972-2040mm door RSP +15%, Door-leaf height 2111mm to 2235mm 2041-2110mm door RSP +30%, Door-leaf height 2236mm to 2290mm 2041-2110mm door RSP + stabiliser upright +30%, WC lock (class 1) trap and bar in plastic, 55mm backset, face plate silver-coloured +5,83 Euro, PZ lock (class 3), 55mm backset, face plate silver-coloured +6,45 Euro, Sliding-door leaf incl. shell handle silver-coloured and floor-guiding groove +44,76 Euro, Double-leaf model, door leaf x2 plus +89,78 Euro, Solid-chipboard core (VSP) +22,07 Euro, Climate cover plate (only for doors w/o light opening); door thickness ~43mm; height max. 2110mm +147,87 Euro, incl.automatic dropseal, installed +43,21 Euro
SURCHARGES Light opening with glazing beads, 4mm ESG glazingWithout glazing: 665 Euro Clear glass: 820 Euro Satinato white: 840 Euro Silvit 178 white: 850 Euro CIA white: 860 Euro Kathedral white: 870 Euro Clear glass with circumferential matt edge or matted glass with circumferential clear edge (visible edge ab.36mm): 900 Euro Uadi white, Pave white: 1040 Euro Clear glass with 40mm facet cut: 900 Euro Satinato white with 40mm facet cut clear: 930 Euro

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