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Dyer te Brendshme, Style-door model Arto

Dyer te Brendshme, Arto 41


White lacquer 9010 or 9016

Style-door model Arto 41
1972-2040 x 610-985mm

Ne cmim nuk perfshihet kasa (frame), klienti ofertohet ne baze te trashesise se murit (wall thickness)

EdgeDoor-leaf edges squared, rounded or with Premium edge PK2
CoreRSP (tubular chip board) / HDF cover plate
Hinges2x hinges V0020 nickel-plated
LockBB 55 mm backset, class 1, face plate silver-coloured
Lacquer systemS3 = 3-layer spray lacquering
SURCHARGES Light opening with glazing beads, 4mm ESG glazingWithout glazing 250 Euro, Clear glass 410Euro, Satinato white 440 Euro, Silvit 178 white440 Euro, CIA white 460 Euro, Kathedral white 465 Euro, Clear glass with circumferential matt edge or matted glass with circumferential clear edge (visible edge ab.36mm) 500 Euro, Uadi white, Pave white 660 Euro, Clear glass with 40mm facet cut 500 Euro, Satinato white with 40mm facet cut clear 540 Euro
SURCHARGESLacquering Mixture or as per RAL/NCS standard colour chart* * Signal and structure lacquers not possible +86,80 Euro, Door-leaf height 2041mm to 2110mm 1972-2040mm door RSP +15%, Door-leaf height 2111mm to 2235mm 2041-2110mm door RSP +30%, Door-leaf height 2236mm to 2290mm 2041-2110mm door RSP + stabiliser upright +30%, WC lock (class 1) trap and bar in plastic, 55mm backset, face plate silver-coloured +5,83 Euro, PZ lock (class 3), 55mm backset, face plate silver-coloured +6,45 Euro, Sliding-door leaf incl. shell handle silver-coloured and floor-guiding groove +44,76 Euro, Double-leaf model, door leaf x2 plus +89,78 Euro, Solid-chipboard core (VSP) +22,07 Euro, Climate cover plate (only for doors w/o light opening); door thickness ~43mm; height max. 2110mm +147,87 Euro, incl.automatic dropseal, installed +43,21 Euro

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