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Dyer te Brendshme, Dyer te Brendshme, Style-door model Vito

Dyer te Brendshme, Vito


White lacquer 9010 or 9016

Style-door model Vito
1972-2040 x 610-985mm

Ne cmim nuk perfshihet kasa (frame), klienti ofertohet ne baze te trashesise se murit(wall thickness)

EdgeDoor-leaf edges squared E, R, PK2
CoreVSP (solid chipboard)
Hinges2x hinge millings for Tectus hinges TE 240 / TE 541 3D silver-coloured
LockIntegrated magnet lock KFV 116 BB / WC / PZ, face plate Nirosta
Special features– concealed 4-sided edge band in Beech – upright stabiliser
Surcharges:Lacquering Mixture or as per RAL/NCS standard colour chart * Signal and structure lacquers not possible +* 86,80 Euro", "Door-leaf height 2041mm to 2110mm 1972-2040mm door RSP. Special dimensions possible in height 1972-2110 / width 610-985mm +15% ", " WC lock (class 1) trap and bar in plastic, 55mm backset, face plate silver-coloured +5,83 Euro, PZ lock (class 3), 55mm backset, face plate silver-coloured +6,45 Euro, Sliding-door leaf incl. shell handle silver-coloured and floor-guiding groove +44,76 Euro, Double-leaf model, door leaf x2 plus +89,78 Euro
Lebolit (CPL)Edge: E, PF06, Standard Range: 700 Euro, Premium Range: 745 Euro, Nature Range: 745 Euro
VeneerGlazing single-pane-safety glass (ESG) Mastercarree, Masterline, Masterpoint, CIA white 108,25 Euro, Glazing single-pane-safety glass (ESG) Satinato white 232.13 Euro, Glazing single-pane-safety glass (ESG) Pave white, Uadi white 533.63 Euro, Single-pane-safety glass (ESG) clear with matt. positive/negative: Luana 1, Luana 18, Squares, Stripes 218.61 Euro

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